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Rodrigo Otazu
This week was a really busy busy week, I had such a great time! I am at the moment working on a book that is going to be aaaaamazing! I am teaming u with Gaga's Dutch photographer Pieter Henket to do this.

But I will tell you I have never done what I did last week: I SUNG, I DANCED AND GOT ON STAGE AND DID A SHOW OUT OF THIS WORLD. People from all over the world went to see it. I stepped into a mini stage that took me 20 mtrs up and 60.000 people where watching me singing! I could not believe my eyes!

The location was magic in a paradise place called San Luis in the middle of Argentina, surrounded by huge lake mountains, waterfalls and magic nature all around. The sky was blue, the weather was hot during the day and big honey moon warm summer weather during the glittering night. I must say for all of you who love to travel, this is a place to check in your agendas and make it a destination

This trip really has given wings to my soul and so much inspiration. I was creative director of the show and got to use fire, smoke, ice, feathers, tango and malambo. And yes I got on stage to sing a song that was really special to me: a song about peace, love and HOPE. The message was for young people who like me started from "0", dream of doing all you can imagine and still get what you want in life if you work hard and believe in yourself.

I send you all my love and I hope to have all your reactions through my Facebook. Keep in touch. I love you

Rodrigo Otazu

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